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ISevo Alpha

Ref. 027780-027779-027034-027781-027036-027782-027784-027783-026979-027785-027035-027786

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Resulting from 9 patents, this new concept blends leading-edge technology and intelligence, guaranteeing perfect packaging everyntime. 

It’s more than a straw filling machine; it’s a revolution.

Ref. 027780-027779-027034-027781-027036-027782-027784-027783-026979-027785-027035-027786

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Peace of mind

Designed for optimum security, you will be able to rely on ISevo Alpha for the entire semen packaging process. 

The automatic control of the plug’s moisture level and the possibility to display the filling on a  remote screen ensure a secure process. 

Time saving

Not only does ISevo Alpha benefit from a short start cycle, a fast 4x4 cycle (12,500 straws/hour) and quick and easy cleaning, it will also allow you to save time by no longer needing a visual control of the filling.

Efficient filling and sealing 

The Alpha Straw is specifically designed to absorb less semen. Its hydrophobic plug is a real innovation. 

Thanks to its different modes, ISevo Alpha allows optimum filling from the first to the last straw. 

Our Alpha straws’ calibrated tubes together with ISevo’s optimum filling modes can yield upwards of 5% more mini straws than current consumables and conventional equipment.

Smart ergonomics

ISevo Alpha is crafted to provide the best levels of safety, comfort, confidence and speed. 

Three smart buttons improve user comfort and reaction speed. The equipment’s elegant curves make it easy to clean. It is also designed to be easy to take apart. 

With its disposable needle concept, ISevo Alpha increases safety and improves semen volume regularity.

Unique traceability

ISevo Alpha is equipped with a unique traceability and safety system. 

Both the integrated and non-integrated versions allow to keep record of the straw batch and the operator having used the equipment. 

On the non-integrated version, a unique barcode system option allows the user to check that the bull and the printed straws correspond.


ISevo Alpha mini 110V:

027779 ISevo Alpha mini 110V - non integrated

027781 ISevo Alpha mini 110V - integrated - without Jet Printer

027782 ISevo Alpha mini 110V - integrated - with Jet Printer

ISevo Alpha mini 220V:

027780 ISevo Alpha mini 220V - non integrated

027034 ISevo Alpha mini 220V - integrated - without Jet Printer

027036 ISevo Alpha mini 220V - integrated - with Jet Printer

ISevo Alpha medium 110V:

027783 ISevo Alpha medium 110V - non integrated

027785 ISevo Alpha medium 220V - integrated - without Jet Printer

027786 ISevo Alpha medium 220V - integrated - with Jet Printer

ISevo Alpha medium 220V:

027784 ISevo Alpha medium 220V - non integrated

026979 ISevo Alpha medium 220V - integrated - without Jet Printer

027035 ISevo Alpha medium 220V - integrated - with Jet Printer


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