Alpha straw

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Alpha straw

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A breakthrough idea behind Alpha straw

This concept, the most innovative of the last few years is truly revolutionizing semen packaging.

through a clever combination of the Alpha straw and the Isevo Alpha equipment, 

offering a level of working comfort never seen before.

Ref. 025653-025655 027642 025654 026181 025656 026182 026183 026259 026184

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The Alpha straw helps to prevent potential losses during thawing.

 Its colored plug turns fluorescent when correctly moist, enabling automatic control of the plug’s moisture level.

  • Automatic control of the plug moisture level
  • Low absorption
  • Thaw detection (Sensitemp blue

More comfort, more security

When a straw is poorly sealed, it may explode during thawing and becomes thus unusable. The immediate advantage of the Alpha straw is to reduce, thanks to a simple visual control, the number of straws potentially compromised during thawing.

Gain in productivity and reliability

Used in conjunction with the ISevo Alpha filling and sealing machine, the Alpha straw allows automatic control of the plug moisturization. If the machine detects a lack of fluorescence, it then pauses and alerts the user. 

Low absorption technology 

The Alpha straw, like the TBS straw, allows to save semen. It is available in 6 colors, including the Sensitemp Alpha straw (pastel blue). This innovation enhances safety, optimizes productivity and allows centers to produce perfectly reliable products.


Mini straws

027826 Clear 

027825 White

027827 Pastel grey

027822 Pastel red

027823 Pastel pistachio 

027824 Sensitemp (37° thawing detection) 

Medium straws 

028285 Clear 

028286 White 

028284 Pastel pistachio

028287 Sensitemp (37° thawing detection) 


video Alpha straw


Sensitemp Alpha straw

The Sensitemp straw builds on the Alpha strawband incorporates additional technology&nb More information