New GoldenPig2 Line of Swine AI catheters

photo New GoldenPig2 Line of Swine AI catheters

New GoldenPig2 Line of Swine AI catheters

Ref. 029399-029398-029397-029400


Ref. 029399-029398-029397-029400
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Traditional AI Sow Catheter

Ref: 029399

Building on decades of success with the original GoldenPig, our dedication to innovation improved our most recognizable product.

The GoldenPig2 is made with an FDA-approved food-grade material, replacing the foam tip of the original GoldenPig line. We stand behind our products so that you can confidently use them without concern for the safety of your herd. Our catheters are made in an ISO-9001 facility, certified to produce medical devices for use in humans—catheters for Sows made in a medically safe facility.

A catheter is just a catheter, right? Not exactly. Our GoldenPig2 catheters are compatible with modern genetics, make AI easier for the user, and are safer for sows.

  • Longer catheters for modern genetics & sows with longer bodies reduce cross-contamination by the inseminator.
  • A new handle gives a clear location for hand placement, reducing contamination.
  • The plug in the handle limits backflow & reduces environmental contamination.
  • The multi-ring head holds gel in place during insertion, provides a lock to the cervix, reduces backflow, and reduces potential insertion into the urethra.


Golden Gilt

Traditional AI gilt catheter

Ref: 029398

Our new multi-ring head catheter is also available in a smaller size designed explicitly for gilts. 

The smaller gilt catheter has a smaller head designed for the smaller reproductive tract of gilts. 

The handles of the newly redesigned GoldenGilt also have a shorter handle to accommodate the smaller body size of gilts. 


PCAI GoldenPig

Post Cervical Artificial Insemination catheter for sows

Ref: 029397

With all of the features of the New GoldenPig multi-ring design, the PCAI also includes an upgraded inner cannula which has been made longer to deliver the dose beyond the cervix directly to the uterus.  

In addition to the longer cannula, the newly redesigned PCAI catheter has a sanitary handle with a plug on the catheter, and a cap on the end of the cannula, both of which are designed to reduce environmental contamination. 


Also available in a smaller size designed for gilts

PCAI GoldenGilt 

Ref: 029400