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Ref. 027988

Gallicomfort is a turkey insemination bench designed by an ergonomic specialist to help improve both human and animal welfare, while maintaining productivity levels.

Ref. 027988

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Why choose Gallicomfort? 

Put your staff’s well-being first 

Gallicomfort is designed to improve your staff’s working conditions and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders: 

  • Turkeys arrive at lifting height (no bending) 
  • Carry weight reduced by half 
  • Ergonomic arm rest 
  • Adjustable stool

Keep your efficiency in mind 

Maintain high productivity levels

  • 700 turkeys / hour with a team of 5 people 

Train staff quickly 

  • Train new employees in 1 to 2 weeks

Make animal welfare a priority 

Gallicomfort is designed to improve both employees and animal welfare. 

  • Reduce the use of small pens, allowing for hens to move around freely. 
  • Gentle handling: turkeys are softly slid onto the bench for insemination. They are released calmly down a ramp after insemination. 

Options included:

- 1 MRA (automatic filling machine) holder - 027984

- 1 ergonomic arm rest for the inseminator - 027985

- 1 release ramp - 027986

- 1 stool for the inseminator - 027987

Also available without options: 027983


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