Working together, to work for you


Written by Eric Salonen

As we have navigated the last 10 months of  the COVID-19 pandemic, the well-being of all IMV Technologies USA employees has been our first priority as we supply our customers. We have enacted several measures at our facility that are designed to protect the health and safety of our staff, yet allow us to fully maintain our operations and deliver goods to producers, distributors, and end users without any major supply chain interruptions. Several of us, myself included, have had the flexibility to transition back and forth between being in the office to working from home, as needed. 

For me personally, this was a significant departure from our normal operations and it required some adaptation. I found that being away from my colleagues and not having daily interactions with them was challenging.  Our group rallied together and continues to serve, and support, our customers. Our people are our most valuable asset, and I am extremely proud of both our collaborative spirit, and of our collective mission to provide the best products and services in our industry. While we recognize that difficult times may still lie ahead, our team remains ready to serve our clients that are essential to the integrity of the global food chain.

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