Why do Post Cervical Artificial Insemination ?


The cervix is long and tortuous. Insemination is normally performed just into the posterior folds of the cervix. Most of the sperm is subsequently lost in the sow tract. Ideally, we wish to place the spermatozoa where they can be most effective, meaning near the uterotubal junction. In practice, this is not easily achievable so a compromise is required: placing the semen through the cervix into the uterus.

Using PCAI protocol has many advantages.

For boars studs, the main advantages are:

  • Using high genetic boars: you produce twice as many piglets from high value boars and improve your feed conversion rate, carcass quality and daily gain faster. The genetic cost per dose is reduced.
  • Reducing the number of boars: In traditional insemination, one boar could be used to inseminate 200 sows. With PCAI, one boar is for 400 sows. So you will also reduce the number of breeding technicians per pig farm.

There are also a lot of advantages for sow/gilt management:

  • You will improve heat detection. As you have to pass the cervix with the inner catheter, you will be able to better target the insemination period and get it closer to ovulation (if the cervix is closed, it is not the right time for insemination).
  • You will improve your fertility rates. With a good protocol, you could improve the fertility rate (up to 3% more) and half an additional born alive piglet.
  • You will save time and labor costs by reducing insemination time.
  • You will have less backflow and therefore optimize dose use.