Written by Jennifer Ringwelski 

When a CASA system analyzes a field of view, the system captures split-second images, known as frames, and strings them together to form videos.  In less than a second, the system can generate kinematic and motion data on the population of sperm in these videos.  Typically, these results are reported for populations of sperm described as: 

  • Total (all structures identified as sperm)
  • Motile (all sperm with displacement from one X- and Y- coordinate to another X- and Y- coordinate)
  • Progressively motile (all sperm complying with characteristics describing progressive motility - a topic we discussed in a previous blog post) and 
  • Slow motile sperm cells (sperm with characteristics the user has defined to describe slow sperm).

What if you could learn more about individual sperm?  This hypothetical becomes a reality with the optional CASA research software module, TRACK II (previously known as Edit Track software). 

The TRACK II software, available for CEROS II and IVOS II CASA systems, allows operators to refine their analyses by learning about the kinematics of individual sperm within their field of view. Users can select sperm that exhibit motility patterns of interest, and manually add or delete those tracks (and associated data) from an analysis.  

TRACK II also will provide and export the individual sperm data to a data file; this information includes the individual sperm X- and Y- coordinates, kinematic measures, and morphometry measures. Results can be sorted and saved. 

These data can also be used to create defined subpopulations of sperm that can be analyzed using the SORT II software (as seen in this blog post).  

To learn more about the Edit Tracks (TRACK II) software package and how it can be utilized in your operation, please visit with one of our global CASA experts or visit the IMV Technologies’ website.

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