The Spirit of Collaboration


Written by Luke Jacobs

The satisfaction a team shares after reaching a goal is hard to compete with. Beyond professional success however, a close relationship can be made between collaboration and effectiveness. In my experience, the projects that lead to the most success are often the ones where we cannot do everything on our own. To truly achieve the most, we lean on the expertise and experience from our coworkers.

The most fulfilling work I’ve been able to approach, includes projects that prompted collaboration, coordination, and compromise. From brand management, to corporate messaging, to digital marketing, large projects present the opportunity to lean into the spirit of collaboration. 

So, you may be wondering, where does this apply to reproductive biotechnologies? After all, with a business that at first glance seems so niche, the space for individual strengths to shine seems admittedly small. However, you may be surprised at the breadth of backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences that compose our team. 

At IMV Technologies we pride ourselves as an essential link in the chain production of animal protein. From the customer point of view, we may be the organization that supplies artificial insemination supplies or provides technical service; from our vendor’s view, we may be the company that takes a veterinary medical or human medical device to market. From an individual employee’s point of view, we may just be their employer. 

But, the “helicopter view” would present that this small organization plays an important role in the assisted reproduction of at least 13 animal species; it manufactures complex equipment that performs in specialized laboratories or challenging environments and is expected to last for the better part of a generation; it understands the business of food production in over 120 countries; and it includes, under one group, people of over 22 different cultures.

While customers collaborate with salespeople, service engineers or marketers daily, behind each interaction with an IMV representative, there are many other professionals including scientists, cryogenic specialists; plastic engineers; automation specialists; extrusion machine operators; agricultural specialists; finance, logistics and regulatory experts; and others.  

The collaboration of each and all of these people is what makes IMV Technologies successful. 

Looking forward into 2021, I’m excited by the ambitions we share to make the most of the new year. To keep up to date with all of our efforts (including the upcoming launch of  new products) stay tuned to our social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn

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