The economic impact of bacterial contamination


Controlling bacterial contamination right from the boars’ collection is very important. Collection is the first link in the chain. AI doses with bacterial contamination affect the litter size. An analysis of the data revealed that there is a positive correlation between the presence of E. coli and sperm agglutination, and a negative correlation between sperm agglutination and litter size.

Tukey tests results for litter size according to CFU quartile sets.

Source: Bacterial contamination of boar semen affects the litter size, Luis O. Maroto Martína, et al., 2010

There are many risks when inseminating a sow with contaminated doses:

  • An increase in post insemination vulvar discharges or a regular return to estrus
  • Embryonic or fetal death
  • Endometritis
  • Systemic infections
  • Diseases