R&D Workshop salmonids semen process (1 day)

R&D Workshop salmonids semen process (1 day)


The objective of the training is to give a deeper understanding of milt handling in salmonids species. This training provides the opportunity of collecting, analysing, storing and freezing salmonids milt with practical demonstration of use.

This training DOES NOT tend to replace the Installation training required for each machine.


For this training, males and milt of good and bad quality (if known) are needed. Equipment needed for the practical use are:

  • Consumables and media for milt collection, analysis and storage;
  • A CASA system or a microscope;
  • A programmable freezer;
  • Liquid nitrogen.

To whom:

  • Daily users of the aquaculture range of products from IMV Technologies
  • Hatchery managers and operators
  • Production Managers
  • Scientists, DVM’s


  • Ref 026633 On-site, hatchery, lab.
  • Ref 026631 IMV lab, L’Aigle – France or Remote.

Schedule (according to your needs and conditions)

1 day

Day 1: Theoretical training (4h)

  • Milt collection (1h)
  • Milt analysis (1h)
  • Milt storage and freezing (1h30)
  • Fertilization in salmonids (30 min)
  • Discussion 

Day 1: Practical training (4h)

  • Milt collection, analysis and storage according to your process
  • Post-thaw assessment and fertilization
  • Practical advice

Number of persons:

  • On-site: 4 persons maximum.
  • IMV Lab or Remote: 6 persons maximum.

Material Included

  • Presentations.
  • Practical guidelines.
  • Excel file with data collection suggested.
  • Certificate.