2020 Vision


Written by Angela De Mirjyn

In the US, we use the expression “Hindsight is 20/20” to signify that looking back allows you to have all the information related to a situation.   This year is different.  There is no 20/20 on 2020.  The year is not over and we continue to try to make sense of the past nine months. 

In February of 2020, our group was getting to know the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its associated infection through the experiences of our IMV Technologies China colleagues.  In March, the IMV Technologies group headquarters and other European worksites adjusted their working plans to accommodate State mandates;  soon after, the USA subsidiary went to a rotating workforce.  Later in the Spring, our Brazilian and Indian subsidiaries followed suit. 

Through the development of the global health challenge, our priorities have remained the health and safety of our workforce and their communities; and the uninterrupted and safe supply of products and services to our clients.  We know that food production never stops; and neither does the struggle against human infertility.

While few positive things can be said about the COVID19 pandemic; positive things have arisen from it within IMV Technologies.  We’ve reached more people than ever through the use of collaboration applications; we’ve created more and better tools to train or assist customers remotely; we’ve improved our communication skills and media, to ensure our messages, advice and promotion continue to be shared.   

Our offices are all back at more “conventional” business hours, today.  We accommodate COVID testing into our schedules; we carry masks with our basic work tools; we “welcome” guests only after taking their temperatures.  And, the year is not over.  We hear of a “second wave” and continuously refresh the geography to which we can travel.  But we have the strong common drivers within IMV Technologies: optimism that we can and will continue to serve our customers, safely and consistently; and conviction that we will continue to host our employees at work and share with them the safety of a good career and a warm, socially distant, “second family”. 

Your IMV Technologies partners are here, committed, and at your request, with a 72-hour fresh, negative COVID test.  Click through our website, follow us on social media or pick up the phone to call one of our 500+ team members around the globe. 

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