Zoonoses: what are the consequences?


Diseases caused by zoonoses can have consequences for any staff who are in direct contact with animals on farms.

From an economic point of view, the sick leaves of affected staff can impact employers more or less severely. Treatments and drugs are expensive and some diseases have to be reported to the public health agency.

The transmission of biological agents can occur through hands and equipment, from an animal to other animals or from a farm to other farms. These consequences can be dramatic in terms of biosecurity of the farms, up to the slaughter of complete herds.

Finally, from a health point of view, some diseases can cause nausea and / or diarrhea in the less severe cases, while others such as brucellosis, can cause abortions or premature deliveries for pregnant women.

To ensure protection against these diseases, it is recommended to wear EC-approved personal protective equipment whenever in contact with an animal. They provide protection against micro-organisms and therefore against zoonoses. In the event of the confirmed presence of a virus, it is strongly advised to wear an examination or surgical glove over the obstetric glove.