Partnership through Education


Written by Luke Jacobs

Partnership is an important factor we at IMV Technologies believe in. Participating in an industry sector that continuously strives to expand and improve its knowledge base, has provided us with the understanding that education is a fundamental aspect of our work. We want to provide the best work we are able to and doing so means utilizing the best knowledge available. That being said, how one chooses to use this information is equally important in our eyes.

We succeed when you succeed. It’s a nice sentiment and is often toted as a business marketing strategy. However, a careful unpacking of “success” is needed. What does “success” mean in this context? I’d venture that for IMV Technologies, success occurs when our customers are able to reach their goals. Therefore, continuously improving procedures, implementations, and methodologies not only help our products work better, but also our customers and partners achieve better results. It’s in our vested interests to help our customers be as knowledgeable as possible.

That’s what it means to be partners with the customers you serve. You align with them in their goals, and work towards helping them achieve them. That’s why we offer a large amount of educational, informational, and instructional resources. From equipment loan programs to online webinars, IMV Technologies accepts the responsibility of sharing the wealth of knowledge it has access to.

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