Our commitment to after-sales service


Written by Angela De Mirjyn

A customer once told me that his worst day, ever, was the day his IMV Technologies machine did not work in the morning. I’ve not forgotten that.  

Offering on-site service at a customer’s site is one of our most important roles. Our customer’s goodwill leads to a broader and stronger relationship. And this goodwill is based on the reliability of their equipment.

In the unfortunate case our equipment “goes down,” our after-sales service technicians stand between a customer’s good day, and the same customer’s worst day, ever.  

In past years we’ve made a pointed effort to improve our communication skills; improve our diagnostic tools and abilities; improve our reports; and, to give clarity to our billing. We have also made a concerted effort to share more and better information with customers.  

Since March of this year, we’ve found ourselves having to aid customers get back to business remotely. From “conventional” remote support tools such as TeamViewer, to social media, digital facilitation and other face-to-face collaboration applications including Skype, FaceTime, Webex, Teams and WhatsApp, we have done it all. Our technicians have taken calls while isolating during the “Stay at Home” orders, while waiting for Doctor appointments, while feeding a baby in the early hours of the morning, to many other more conventional times. We have offered service while asking for support from other support personnel, too. On occasion, we will require technicians in at least two different continents to respond to a customer’s call, concurrently.

Our commitment is solid. We know there is no such thing as perfect service. But our goal is to offer at the very least, great service.  

When customers ask me what they can do to help us, help them, my answer is usually the same:

1. Let us know when you have new users. Staff turnover happens. Let us work with all your operators so they are comfortable with the correct way to use and care for your IMV Technologies equipment. We can usually spare a few hours to work remotely, but we also are open to visiting you on site.

2. Clean the machines every day, or as frequently as recommended by our technicians at the time of installation. The single, most frequent cause of machine downtime is lack of cleanliness.  Call our support personnel to ask about the best way to clean your machines and recommendations for the products to do it.

3. Contract us for preventative maintenance (PM) visits. Recurring, annual or biannual visits help us prevent problems before they happen. We use our PM visits to offer full retraining of existing users, or training of new users.  

Don’t let us be the cause of your bad day. Contact our after-sales service department.  Animals don’t take holidays and neither do you. That means, IMV Technologies technicians are never off either.

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