One Conservation and the Catalyst Inside IMV Technologies


“In the end, we are all responsible,” states Pedro Jorge Neto, sales and technical director for IMV Technologies Brasil. “We need to find the balance between what the human being needs […] and the environment, flora and fauna.”

Pedro has been lauded many times for his work on species conservation. Up to eight times per year, he joins like-minded colleagues and treks into the jungles of Brazil in search of elusive jaguars. The team collects live cell samples, and, when possible, installs electronic GPS collars which allow the animals to be monitored by satellite.

Instituto Reprocon, the non-profit organization this team has founded focused on reproduction and conservation, has existed for five years. The organization operates on a budget of $20k to $25k Brazilian Reais a month and is completely financed by Pedro and his colleagues. 

The group has ambitious goals including developing techniques for successfully freezing jaguar semen and cloning the animal for conservation purposes. In the near term, Pedro hopes to increase the number of animals Instituto Reprocon can track with GPS collars. In addition, he aims to bridge the knowledge gap about the plight of the jaguar by interacting directly with Brazilian ranchers as well as through scholarships for future conservationists. 

Pedro’s group has published dozens of scientific papers on conservation.  Recently, they introduced the concept of “One Conservation,” in the Journal of Animal Reproduction.  This method of conservation promotes wildlife management and the exchange of genetic material between in situ (under human care) and ex situ (in nature) populations of animals.  It also promotes the education of all segments of society in conservation.  

Inspired by Pedro’s actions, the IMV Technologies group has developed a program aimed at supporting employee conservation initiatives.  “We hope that other IMV Technologies team members will also become catalysts for change,” said Alain de Lambilly, CEO of the IMV Technologies Group. “Together, we can make a difference.”

To learn more about Instituto Reprocon’s work with jaguars, and to learn how you can support their efforts, visit their website

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