NUTRIXcell Ultra protects boar sperm from temperature-related stress


Our proprietary biological compound, the IMV Bioactivator, amplifies the biosynthesis of platelet-activating factors (PAF's). PAF's stimulate the motility of spermatozoa, promote egg penetration, and may ultimately improve fertility. 

In 2018, IMV improved this molecule, and named it Bioactivator Ultra.

Sperm samples were stressed, in different types of media, in vitro. The following protocol was used:   

  • Three samples of pooled semen were split and diluted with different media
  • Semen samples were cooled to 17°C using a "conventional" cooling process. The semen samples were kept for 12 hours at 17°C.  
  • The samples were further stored at 10°C for 16 hours.   
  • After 16 hours, the samples were stored again at 17°C.  
  • Motility was measured throughout the experiment.

A similar test, but stressing the samples to 25°C, instead of 10°C, was also evaluated. Again, semen stored in NUTRIXcell Ultra was not impacted by storage for 16 hours at 25°C.

NUTRIXcell Ultra  is a media developed to protect semen quality against environmental stress, such as temperature fluctuations.