Niche, but ubiquitous


Written by Angela De Mirjyn

Next week, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  This national holiday celebrates the blessings received over the last year.    It also marks the unofficial beginning to the holidays.   

Many conversations around this time will revolve around food.  Turkey will be a common feature of the holiday table in the US.   Cheese boards abound; and, I truly believe every vegetable dish should be made better with bacon. 

People are amazed when I recount the widespread use of artificial insemination (AI) in animals.  And specifically, in the production of the animal protein consumed during Thanksgiving. Commonly, my acquaintances will comment that my business seems to be “niche.” 

Whether far away, or closer to home, I’ve spent many hours campaigning how AI technology allows for the turkey featuring the Thanksgiving meal to look plump and appetizing; but also, more aesthetically pleasing, since we mostly breed a white turkey for its skin pigmentation and pin feathers to be less visible.   

Through AI and genetic selection, the preferred cuts of turkey are more plentiful and defined.  And along with other practices, AI allow us to raise animals as and when the market demands them, whilst making the food affordable and production more environmentally friendly. 

For those that enjoy turkey year-round, artificial insemination makes this possible, by mitigating the seasonal effect that daylength has on the wild population. 

Conversations may then point at other items on the holiday table.  Bacon, I ask?   Probably from pigs resulting from artificial insemination.  And, that cheese?  From milk of inseminated cows.  Lamb? Chicken? Fish? Yes; yes; and, yes. 

This Thanksgiving Day, despite the challenges of the year, I have many things to be thankful for.  Near the top of the list is the niche, yet ubiquitous industry I practice in. One that in a small yet essential way, contributes to feeding the world.  And not just during the holidays. 

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