Inseminator’s influence on fertility results


There could be a significant difference in AI results depending on the inseminator; (table 1)

However, a more revealing factor is the effect of the consecutive number of AI procedures performed by the same in­seminator without any breaks. This re­fers to the fact that during large insemination campaigns (over 25 animals to breed in one go), the inseminator may experience fatigue and therefore become a lit­tle negligent and start cutting corners, which will directly affect results, (table 2).  

The data clearly shows that when the same inseminator performs a large number of conventional insemination pro­cedures in a row, this can lead to a sig­nificant drop in terms of results; to avoid such issues becoming prevalent, alternative solutions need to be found:

  • Scheduling breaks for inseminators;
  • Using technologies that can reduce insemination procedure time and technician’s fatigue.

In this respect, GoldenFix™ provides a solu­tion for this issue, as insemination time is divided by 3; furthermore, when compared to other available solutions, the semen is heated gradually in vivo, which also yields positive results. In ad­dition, the time saved can be used for other sow management duties such as farrowing on maternity etc..

Source: extract of CIPQ newsletter September 2016

Quebec is one of the largest users in the world of the Goldenfix™ technologies. Since the early 2000’s, every day, thousands of pig breeders trust this technology for ease of use, consistency and time saving. Over 20,000,000 gilts and sows have been inseminated with Gedis/Goldenfix since its inception.