Innovation and Perspective


Written by Luke Jacobs

Innovation. It is a phrase that is commonly used in marketing materials for any variety of companies, in any variety of industries. It is sort of the bedrock upon which all marketing messages are built. If you cannot claim your company is innovative, then where do you start?

Conveniently, innovation as it relates to product development is a characteristic of IMV Technologies that has been built over the decades. From Robert Cassou’s truly formative French straw to new emerging technologies in the veterinarian fields, IMV Technologies has been on the bleeding edge of reproductive technologies. Still, I find myself looking for more. Our team of designers, researchers, and engineers are not simply motivated by a need to rubber-stamp a new consumable and push it as new innovation. I wanted to look deeper – to see the underlying reasoning and logic behind our decisions. What I found, in a sort of ironic way, was perspective.

Perspective is a form of understanding that takes a long time to fully develop. It requires a comprehension of not only the playing field you participate in, but also of your position within that space — of your own strengths and weaknesses. This level of connection and understanding can be hard to achieve. Fortunately, I was clearly not the first person to wonder about this concept, and for the past six decades IMV Technologies has continued to foster not only its relationships to the customers and partners it serves, but also its investments in research. At least six percent of IMV Technologies yearly revenue is poured back into product programs, research development, and emerging technologies. This form of steady investment has helped pushed IMV Technologies into the thought-leadership position it now holds. Which brings us back to innovation. Innovation, when viewed on the aggregated, begins to resemble a series of smart decisions , and more closely — decisions that were made when taking perspective into account.

It seems clear to me, that innovation is a by-product of perspective. Perspective helps brings clarity to decisions. When your sight is clear, venturing into new areas becomes the obvious choice.

Stay tuned to our blog, as we continue to explore how IMV Technologies navigates innovation with new products, and how we develop processes designed to bring the best we have to offer to our customers.

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