How using an AI chair helps improve comfort


This method of artificial insemination is used in systems where turkeys are not housed in pens. The catcher and inseminator do not move between pens, instead the hens are guided to a central area where the catcher and inseminator are positioned. In some production settings, when comparing pen breeding to AI chair method, a slight decrease in productivity (600 inseminations per hour) was noted.

There are two ways to inseminate using an AI chair:

  • Pit: The catcher is in a pit with access to the hens on one side and the inseminator in a chair on the other side. This setup requires the catcher to repeatedly pass the hens from one side to the other.
  • Ramp: The catcher stands next to the inseminator’s chair and passes the turkeys as they are guided up a ramp. This setup requires the catcher to repeatedly rotate his upper torso and bear some of the weight of the hen during the transfer from the ramp to the chair.

Although both methods eliminatethe catcher’s need to bend down to pick up the hens and hold them between his knees; the catcher is still exposed to some MSD risk factors. With both methods there is still a need to repeatedly twist from one side to the other. And with the ramp method, the catcher must also support some of the hen’s weight during the transfer.The inseminator’s working conditions are also improved. He no longer needs to stand, bend over or carry the semen doses during the insemination. However, with this method the inseminator must hold the hen between his legs during the insemination, exposing him to injuries caused by the flapping of wings from the hen.