GoldenFix: A new Gedis Version


”The new version of the Gédis allows a better grip inside the sow. This improved grip is even more significant for gilts. Moreover, I appreciate this technology for the time-saving it allows”

A testimonial from Jean-François Desprès, Canadian breeder (1,050 sows, 93.2% FR and 15.82 total born in 2016. 100% on Goldenfix).


Source: CIPQ newsletter, spring 2017 extract

Quebec is one of the largest users in the world of the Goldenfix technologies. Since the early 2000’s, every day, thousands of pig breeders trust this technology for ease of use, consistency and time saving. Over 20,000,000 gilts and sows have been inseminated with Gedis/Goldenfix since its inception.