Gallicomfort: Turkey Insemination bench


It’s all about comfort!

How does Gallicomfort work?

Gallicomfort  is a brand new invention designed to help the turkey industry at large.

Created by a team of insemination experts supported by an ergonomist, this bench is a real insemination facilitator, built to optimize both human and animal welfare.

1. The turkeys walk up an access ramp from the pen to the insemination bench.
2. At lifting height, they are slid one by one onto the bench.
3. Sat on a stool, the inseminator presses the pedal to hold the turkey and open its oviduct.
4. With his arm resting on an ergonomic arm holder, the inseminator takes a semen straw automatically filled by the MRA and inseminates.
5. The inseminator presses the pedal to release them gently thanks to an exit ramp.

Why choose Gallicomfort?

Put your staff’s well-being first

Gallicomfort is made to improve your staff’s working conditions and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders :

– Turkeys arrive at lifting height
– Carry weight reduced by half
– Ergonomic arm holder
– Adjustable seat and table

Keep your efficiency in mind

Maintain a high work pace: 700 turkeys / hour with a team of 5 people
Train your staff quickly: only 1 to 2 weeks needed to train a new employee

Make animal welfare a priority

Gallicomfort was built to improve animal welfare during insemination. With the ramp, the turkeys arrive directly at lifting height and are gently slid onto the bench for insemination.