From the inside out


Written by Maria Clara Rodriguez.

“They sell animal vaginas?,” I thought to myself when I joined IMV Technologies four years ago.

But that did not stop me from embarking on a journey as a customer service representative for the US subsidiary of IMV.  I had recently moved to Minnesota, from Bogotá, Colombia and wanted to work for an international company to make use of my bilingual skills.

The early part of the journey was not easy:  everything was new for me.  However, from the moment I started, I have never been alone. IMV Technologies has provided me with all the tools that I have needed and created opportunities for me to succeed and be my best at providing exceptional customer service.

They say that what happens on the inside of the organization is felt by customers on the outside. I believe one hundred percent that the skills and guidance I have received shine through in my customer interactions; and after almost four years, I can say with confidence that while customer service is at the heart of what I do, respect for others, safety, teamwork, and training are at the heart of the human values of IMV Technologies.

Today, I understand the value of what IMV Technologies does, including the essential nature of our work in the production of animal protein and the preservation of genetics. I am glad and proud to be a part of this community.

While I’ve learned a lot about the business of animal assisted reproduction biotechnologies, I really enjoy the “shock factor” of sharing with friends, family or other acquaintances that I work for a company that sells artificial vaginas.  

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