Freezing semen: a solution to preserve swine genetic value


Using frozen semen is a good solution to preserve genetic value and to repopulate farms after disease outbreaks. It allows to keep semen away from the boar stud.
Moreover it is possible to test frozen semen before introducing it into farms.

Insemination and fertility

This semen preservation technique has high fertility on field (can reach 80% and above). Like for insemination with fresh doses, the most critical factor for it to be successful is heat detection.

To perform one insemination, the following amount of straws is needed:
– 7 to 10 straws (for 0,5ml straws)
– 14 to 20 straws (for 0,25ml straws)

Different equipment for frozen semen


Analysing the raw ejaculate is really important for the frozen semen process. We recommend using semen with at least 85% motile cells and 85% normal cells.
Ivos II will allow to control the semen quality objectively and can also perform automatic morphology evaluation on 5 parameters (Distal droplet, proximal droplet, distal midpiece reflex, bent tail, coiled tail).

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Mini DigitCool 

The age-old process of direct freezing over liquid nitrogen vapor, creates a freezing curve that is difficult to control and can result in poor reproducibility. The Digitcool’s programmable freezing process allows the user to customize and control each temperature holding or lowering phase in accordance with sample requirements. To maximize the fertility of preserved cells, the critical temperature lowering stages must be carefully controlled. The initiation of ice crystal formation – nucleation or seeding – must be strictly controlled to ensure optimal crystal size and shape. Digitcool respects fundamental thermodynamic principles to preserve the integrity of gametes. In order to optimize the results, several parameters have to be taken into account, for example the choice of media or the final concentration per ml.

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Straw filling machines

MRS1 dual

It is a single straw filling and sealing machine for mini and medium straws. It fills and seals 3,600 straws per hour and can be used at 4°C or at room temperature.

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The best straw filling machine in the market: Isevo Alpha
ISevo Alpha is a commitment. The commitment of working safely and quickly, in total confidence and silence. Resulting from 9 patents, this new concept blends leading-edge technology and intelligence, guaranteeing perfect packaging every time. It’s more than a straw-filling machine; it’s a revolution.

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