Collectis, a complete solution to considerably limit bacterial contamination


Nowadays, Collectis is the only automated system to collect boar semen. This equipment is present in more than 20 countries and more than 12,000 boars are collected weekly. 

Sanitary impact

Reducing bacterial contamination during the semen collection process ensures better preservation and reduces risks of economic losses:

  • Higher conception rate
  • Fewer sow non-productive days
  • Reduced sow’s vaginal discharges

Comparison between manual collection and Collectis 

With Collectis, the bacterial contamination is 10 times lower than in manual collection. It is important to limit bacterial contamination from semen collection to increase the number of viable and marketable doses.

  • Economic impact

A technician can collect several boars simultaneously. The studies show the influence of the bacterial quality of semen on reproduction performance levels. Collectis makes it possible to control bacterial quality during semen collection processes, thereby considerably increasing the number of viable and marketable doses.

Source: Sergio Barrabes Aneas, Ben Bouvier, B Gary –ICBSP 2007. This study was carried out with 10 Collectis, in three insemination centers over a six-month period


  • The benefits of automation

For boars’ collection, the importance in automation is to replicate perfectly the sow’s vaginal stimulation. An electro-pneumatic system makes it possible. Completely automated system allows to a technician to collect several boars simultaneously.

No contact between the technician and the animal makes the collection safer for the technician and the boar. To avoid any risk, the technician can make blood samplings during boars’ collection, whereas they are usually carried out in the boar pens.