BactiBag® is IMV Technologies’ latest innovation for swine semen packaging to answer the increasing challenge of controlling bacterial contamination in semen.

The presence of bacteria in swine semen creates competition for nutrients with the sperm cells and results in metabolic byproducts that may harm the spermatozoa. Bacteria release toxins during their life and multiplication, as well as when they die. Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are common endotoxins resulting from bacterial apoptosis.

The presence of bacteria in extended boar semen is associated with decreasing semen quality and reproductive performances.

Currently, part of the bacteria-fighting solution is still adding antibiotics to extended semen. However, bacteria present in swine semen are becoming more resistant to common antibiotics. While it is unethical and not recommended, it is therefore more and more frequent to use the latest generations of antibiotics or to increase their posology to control bacterial development.

IMV’s goal is to bring an alternative to this trend.

BactiBag® is coated on its inside with a specific bacteriostatic molecule, BactiGuard. When in contact with bacteria, BactiGuard intercalates itself into bacterial cell membranes and disrupts membranes activities without causing leaking of intracellular components. As a result, membranes become more porous, diminishing the uptake of nutrients. The end result is a prevention of most bacterial growth. BactiGuard also blocks fatty acid biosynthesis (necessary for multiplication).

This kinetics has two positive effects:

  1. Significant slow-down of bacterial multiplication
  2. Increase bacteria membrane permeability (especially for Gram -) and therefore increase antibiotics efficacy


As a conclusion, BactiBag® is a key component of a new strategy to control bacterial contamination in swine semen. BactiBag® offers a new alternative to get away from the current strategy of using more of the latest generation of antibiotics, which leads unequivocally to increase bacterial resistance.