AlphaVision, focusing on bovine reproduction


Written by Clément Prevost, Marketing Intern, IMV Technologies France

Visualization of the cervix during conventional artificial insemination of the cow is nearly impossible. One needs to rely solely on palpation to fully understand what is going on inside the tract. The AlphaVision from IMV Technologies is an innovative visualization tool that makes it possible.  It also provides a more comfortable, easy insemination for the cow and improves working conditions for the technician. 

Whether you are a do-it-yourself breeder, AI technician or vet, the AlphaVision gives you an image of the vagina and helps you locate the entry to the cervix.  When inseminating, seeing the process provides peace of mind that the semen is deposited correctly.   When training new technicians, visualizing what they are palpating can aid in their retention of information. 

An ideal goal for breeders is to confirm a cow’s readiness to breed to achieve one calf, per cow, per year.   Identifying abnormal reproductive conditions that may derail the achievement of this goal, such as unclear discharge, lesions, pus, or incomplete uterine involution allows for the conditions to be addressed promptly.  Traceability is possible, too, with the tool’s capability to save images.

Animal welfare can be improved as the AlphaVision can reduce the number of palpations necessary to achieve a successful insemination.  In some cases, little to no palpation may be needed to inseminate a cow.

The AlphaVision also may improve working conditions for the technician. Musculoskeletal discomfort or injuries, including from rectal palpation of cows, have been reported in the field. Reducing the need for, and the duration of palpation may support the health and safety of animal inseminators and others performing rectal palpations of cows. 

The AlphaVision from IMV Technologies can be an indispensable tool for bovine inseminations and other management practices. 

For more information on the AlphaVision, visit our AlphaVision specific website.

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