Alpha sheath testimonials



Ryrie farm service, Australia

Ryrie Farm Service of Australia performs about 10000 A.I services per year across all dairy and beef breeds. Jeff Ryrie, its owner, writes: “I have been using Alpha sheaths for just over 12 months now and love using them. On maiden heifers the rounded tip is much easier to manoeuvre through the cervix and there for better for the heifer, and with the holes on the side of the tip it evenly disperses the semen and they are cleaner to use on cows or heifers. I have recommended them to farmers and all have loved them to use as well and wouldn’t change back.”

Jeff Ryrie, Ryrie farm service
Neerim South, Australia

ReproPlus, Pays-Bas

ReproPlus is the largest independent bovine reproduction company in the Netherlands. It now uses Alpha only. Jaring Hiemstra is the co-director.
“The spherical and full head of Alpha reduces the risk of tissue damage. (Blood is spermotoxic). With Alpha, the semen leaves the head through two apertures on the side. This has the advantage of a better distribution of the dose of semen in the uterine horns. The polished head greatly facilitates the act of insemination, with less chance of damage. Moreover, the inside of the head is made so that the straw (both mini and medium) is fully secured, thus reducing the potential of backflow.
ln the Netherlands, our group has entirely changed its operation to Alpha” Jaring Hiemstra adds: “The results have convinced us after the initial trial period. The Alpha is more expensive that the conventional one but ReproPlus expects a fast payback thanks to better fertility results. Alpha not only improves the act of insemination, but it can certainly have a positive influence on non-return rate. We use Alpha since late 2013. I am convinced that all the Netherlands will switch to this sheath within a year”.

Jaring Hiemstra, Co-Director,
ReproPlus, Netherlands

Anfeia, France

Lillian Sellenet is head trainer for the French National A.I School in Miermaigne, France. This is what he says about the ALPHA sheath. “France counts about 2000 professional breeding technicians. Nine limes a year, we graduate 18 lo 20 of them who will make cow breeding their career. Since its release in mid-2013, we switched entirely to the Alpha sheath. This product clearly improves the gesture and the comfort of the animal.
For proof, when we look at genital tracts in the slaughterhouse, we are yet to see any tissue damage. This happened often with beginners with the old sheath. With the Kombicolor, Alpha facilitates greatly the introduction in the cervix. Overall the training and gesture are faster while being improved in quality. There is no turning back for us”.

Lillian Sellenet,
Miermaigne, France

RUW, Germany

“From July to October 2013, nine of our technicians from Rinder Union West (Germany) and I tested about 10,000 Alpha sheaths. Only material properties were tested such as durability or ease of placement.
The overall opinion was consistently positive. Being more solid with a very stable tip was particularly liked. The rounded and sturdy end allowed for an optimal passage of the cervix. This was especially the case in animals known for difficult cervix passage or generally for heifers, resulting in inseminations with maximal protection of the mucous membranes. Even when a greater pressure lo the cervix passage had to be applied, there was never a case of bending, which can occur with standard sheaths. As to the actual insemination process, all users came up with an overall positive judgment.
As a conclusion, I must say that the new ALPHA sheath is a very successful innovation for the insemination. It is particularly suitable for animals with difficult cervix passage or for those who do not perform many inseminations, such as farmers or do-it yourselfers. We register a high interest with this sub-group and now offer it exclusively to them. This sheath is now also part of our offering at the Coop for our base of professional technicians.”

Dr. U. Janowitz, Head Veterinarian
Rinder Union West, Borken, Germany