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Written by Luke Jacobs

To say that my first year of employment at IMV Technologies has been educational would be an understatement.  During this period I have worked with IMV Technologies on several communication campaigns, conferences, product launches and even brand restructuring efforts. That has all happened in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. So, with over a year’s worth of perspective, I share my insight. 

To borrow a phrase from a successful marketer that I strive to emulate, Scott Galloway, we should strive to understand both the meaningful and the profound. 

What strikes me as meaningful is that IMV Technologies has fostered a robust community. Through classes, training sessions, and equipment loan programs to students and educators, we have formed relationships that allow us to become partners and not just suppliers, to many customers. Many of these community activities went virtual in 2020, through webinars, online classes, and virtual exhibits, among other things. 

Profound to me are the strong connections we have with people from all over the world. In fact, one of the most recent conferences IMV Technologies sponsored experienced incredible attendance from participants who were able to join for the first time, through our online platforms. 

I’ve gained a new understanding of the principles of IMV Technologies. I didn’t fully appreciate the depth of the IMV Technologies brand when I started my employment here. I do now.  The core value IMV Technologies exhibits is our commitment to people

People are at the core of what IMV Technologies is dedicated to. Ensuring people can provide food; enabling people to start families; and, helping people further their professional work and development. 

To work with members of the global IMV Technologies family is truly exciting and I appreciate the connections I’ve made.  I look forward to what the future holds for IMV Technologies and to be part of the team that contributes to sharing our company’s story.

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