Ram and buck artificial vagina

Ram and buck artificial vagina

Ref. 007179

Artificial vagina used to collect ram or buck semen. Enhances the animal's confort during the process.

Ref. 007179

Packaging and sales unit



Reusable collection tube 15 ml

15 mL graduated Pyrex tube to collect the semen and transport it to the laboratory. More information

10 mL Pyrex tube

Graduated Pyrex conical 10 mL tube More information

15 mL Pyrex conical tube

Graduated Pyrex conical 15 mL tube More information

10 mL Pyrex conical tube

Graduated (at 1/10th) Pyrex conical 10 mL tube More information

Silicone stopper for 15 mL collection tube

Sterilizable stopper used to cap the Pyrex collection tube (005351). More information

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Cone for ram vagina

Silicone cone for ovine-caprine vagina, which allows the semen to go from the artificia More information

Protective felt cover for ram vagina

Keeps the semen tube warm during collection. More information

Smooth latex liner for ram vagina

Reusable latex liner for the ram and buck artificial vagina. More information