Ovine - Caprine Accucell photometer

Ovine - Caprine Accucell photometer

Ref. 014436-014437

A tool developed especially for accurate measurement of the concentration of ejaculates.

Ref. 014436-014437

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Accucell - semen examination by photometry

Absorbance measurement

Concentration measurement using an algorithm developed by IMV and specific for each species.

Display of the volume of media, which needs to be added and the number of doses to be produced.

014436 Ovine Accucell photometer

014437 Caprine Accucell photometer


Cuvettes for photometer

Cuvettes used to hold the sample for analysis with a photometer. More information

9/1000 NaCl solution.

Chloride and sodium. More information

Dilutor - Microlab 600

Microlab 600 dilutor for use with photometer semen/NACL dosageEquipment used to More information

Mini pipette for semen sampling

More information

Printer with a cable for Accucell photometer

Accucell photometer printer and aiglon cord 110-240V-50HZ More information

Photometer printer paper roll

10 rolls of printer paper for photometers. More information

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