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Ref. 023258

For laboratories which look for flexibility without cutting back effciency, MX4 was engineered to fill and seal mini and medium straws at a speed of up to 13,000 straws per hour

Ref. 023258

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Variable speed

Universal tool-free compatibility with mini or medium straws, in just a few seconds. Automatic hopper recognition.

Ability to work in 4x4, 2x2, or 1x1 with a single click.

Automatic transition system from 4X4 to 1X1 with a low ejaculate detection level to keep the semen at a maximum.

Easy operation and maintenance

Tool-free removal of parts.

Minimum manipulation between each ejaculate. Magnetic needle holders.

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Plunger needle 0% for Genom'X equipment

More information

2-way plunger needle 0% for Genom'X

More information

0% system silicone tube for Genom'X

More information

Hopper for straws 0% Genom'X

More information

Mini long filling nozzle compatible with MRS1 dual, MRS4, MX4 and IS4

More information

Medium long filling nozzle compatible with ISevo, MRS1, MRS4 and IS4

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Mini short suction nozzle, compatible with ISevo, MRS1 dual, MRS4, and IS4

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Medium short suction nozzle for ISevo, MRS1 dual, MRS4 and IS4

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4 ways mini disposable filling nozzle

Disposable nozzle for filling mini straws with 4-way equipment: compatible with IS4, MR More information

Mini single disposable filling nozzle compatible with MRS1, MRS3, MX4, Genom'X

450 mm More information

Semen container cone

Used with all IMV machines. Contains up to 110 mL (+/- 500 straws) - Optimum for auto s More information

Flexible tube for semen filling

Flexible tube used to transfer semen from the semen container to the straws. More information

Tightness plug

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Filled straws hopper GENOM'X

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Mini straw hopper for Genom'X / MX4

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