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Ref. 018396-018397-018398-018399-018400

Kombicolor is a durable stainless steel bovine semen applicator, which can be used with both mini and medium straws. The added ridge eliminates the need for O-rings and ensures a tight connection with unsplit sheaths. Five colors are available for easy differentiation.

Ref. 018396-018397-018398-018399-018400
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It goes 4 cm deeper when needed. Thanks to an ingenious system, the straw is never compressed in the chamber, regardless of the its cut, as may occur with a spiral or o-ring semen applicator.

The sheath is quick and easy to fit on the Kombicolor, and is perfectly held once on.

A large colored ring allows for accurate and comfortable finger placement. Five ring colors are available for easier identification of the semen applicator.

Ref. :

018396 white

018397 yellow

018398 green

018399 blue

018400 red

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