ImaGo.S Veterinary ultrasound scanner

ImaGo.S Veterinary ultrasound scanner

Ref. 90-2273KIT

Quickly and accurately confirm pregnancy in a range of farm animals with the ImaGo.S

Ref. 90-2273KIT


The ImaGo.S ultrasound scanner with an integrated screen is a lightweight machine compatible with an external sector probe and a rectal sector probe. 

  • Suitable for a range of applications across species 
  • Durable casing for use in a harsh environment 
  • Confirm pregnancy diagnosis from; 
  • 19 days post AI in sows  
  • 35 days post AI in cows 
  • 40 days post AI in sheep and goats  
  • Assess picture of health with automatic backfat control 
  • Compatible with 2 sector probes for internal and external examinations 

Technical Specifications

System type (portable/cart) Portable
Screen size 6.5 inch
Warranty 2 years


L’ImaGo. S dispose d’un écran intégré, il est également compatible avec nos lunettes. L’ImaGo. S est équipé de sangles qui permettent à l’échographe d’être confortablement maintenu autour de votre taille et de votre cou vous offrant un grand confort de travail.

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