Easi-Scan:Go and Bovintel

Easi-Scan:Go and Bovintel
Bovine Ultrasound reimagined


The Easi-Scan:Go integrates seamlessly with the modern farm. It is a wireless, app based scanner that presents the ultrasound image on up to 3 smart devices or BUG simultaneously. 



Fast, light and with minimal set-up time required, the Easi-Scan: Go is ready to go when you are, providing speedy results without sacrificing accuracy. Biosecurity is not an issue as the scanner is waterproof and completely sealed. This contributes to an even more efficient workflow on the farm. 

  • Fully sealed unit ensuring waterproof to IP67 standard
  • Exceptional image quality allowing for full fertility examinations as well as non-reproductive applications such as teat scanning, lung scanning, uterine scanning, post-calving examinations and body condition assessment  
  • Colour Flow Doppler Mapping capability allowing to confirm a negative pregnancy at 18 days post AI by examining blood flow in the corpus luteum 
  • Connection with Farm Management systems to allow full picture of cow health displayed on the ultrasound image. KPI detail such as age, last inseminated, milk yield can all be visible for each individual cow. (restrictions apply) 
  • Connect up to 3 smart devices or BUG to view the image simultaneously.  
  • Weighs only 850 grams and can be securely attached to a belt  
  • Images and clips saved directly on your phone or tablet 


Ultrasound reimagined. Bringing fertility into focus for conception rate success. The future starts here.

BovIntel brings revolutionary technology onto the farm, to transform the way vets use ultrasound and advise clients.

Available as a simple add-on to the Go-Scan app, BovIntel speeds up fertility scanning with the Easi-Scan:Go and unlocks information that will maximise conception rates and farm productivity.

Find out more including how to access a 30-day free trial >>

Clinical Images

Technical Specifications

Width (mm) 190 x 83 x 62
Weight 850g
Dust and splash proof
Probe specifications Broadband straight linear rectal. Active array length 64mm. 128 crystal array
Battery life (mins) 300
Battery or mains powered? 5.5h - only use IMV approved battery charger and DC power adapter
Battery life Battery can be charged from DC power adapter or car 12v accessory socket
Viewing device Smartphone / Tablet. Scanner wireless link to compatible viVie
Warranty 1 year


Probe introducer for Easi-Scan and Easi-Scan:Go

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