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Ref. 026419

A user-friendly laboratory management software which links all aspects of semen identification and semen processing.

Ref. 026419

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eSmile guarantees secured identifications and traceability of all ejaculates throughout the process, from collection to dilution to packaging to QC. Information from connected peripherals is automatically uploaded using several technologies: - barcode readers, RFID readers, automatic field population from USB or RS232 peripherals. Manual override possible.

The aim of eSMILE is two-fold:

  • Transform an input (raw semen) into a safe, recognizable, traceable and sellable output (straw)
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and profitability: Use eSMILE’s powerful SQL based-database to data mine and manipulate information collected to make decisions to optimize bull production and the quality of the semen.

The built-in security fits any quality assurance program.


  • Full traceability in the production process of semen doses.
  • Traceability management for all products and equipment involved in the production chain.
  • All of the equipment can be connected to eSmile, which minimizes human error.
  • Multisite management with a central database.
  • Integration of production databases for all sites in real time, with automatic synchronization.
  • Veterinary monitoring and procedures.
  • Storage management for produced doses.
  • Simplified management of in-house reporting

eSmile includes: software, infrared and RFID gun, infrared receiver, printers, RFID tags and identification badges

Options: multi-sites mirroring, storage module, veterinary module, large barn screen for display


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Electronic tags

RFID tags: used to identify the boar in eSmile More information

RFID tag and chip reader

This is used to scan the animal's and the identification card of the collector, dur More information

eSmile display panel

Led display compatibles with eSmile. More information

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