Complete dilution system

Complete dilution system

Ref. 027153

System used to carry out pre-dilutions or final dilutions. It can be connected to eSmile.

Ref. 027153

Packaging and sales unit



Balance controlled accurate peristaltic pump

Automatically slows down and stops at the desired weight whether input manually or automatically from eSMILE

Stand-alone operation or connection to PC for batch dilution

Fast and user-friendly

Compatible with Smile and eSmile

Durable and autoclavable silicone tubing

Complete with pump control, pump head, stand, tubing and sinker

Accuracy to 0.01 to 0.5 gr (2 balance options)

Flow rate from 0.1 ml to 1000 ml / mn

Slow down option as target weight nears

Reverse rotation at cycle end for accuracy and cleanliness



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