CITO thawer 12/220V

photo CITO thawer 12/220V

CITO thawer 12/220V

Ref. 026897

Cito thawer used to thaw straws at the ideal temperature, without damaging them.

Ref. 026897

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240 X 260 X 210 mm


Thermometer for CITO thawer

Allows to check the temperature of the water before thawing the straws. More information

Holder for 20 tubes ø 20 mm

4 x 5 holes More information

Tweezers for technician length 14 cm

Tweezers used to take the straw out of the freezer, to dry it and insert it in the gun. More information

Water bath with lid

45 L Stainless steel water bath with lid More information

Sterile 10 mL tubes

With cap More information

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