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Ref. 022325

Professional manufactured preparation for semi home-made egg-yolk based extender

Ref. 022325

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10 x 250 mL

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Only egg yolk and sterile water must be added to this preparation. The media created is similar to the quality of a professional environment and saves time.


  • Secure results: exclusive proven formula In-vitro results: thermo resistance sperm test and motility higher than other commercial and home-made extenders
  • Optimal protection of the sperm cells: tris buffer. High fertility also at sub-optimal concentration. Safe for low dilution bulls
  • Guaranteed stability: 0.22 µm filter-sterile concentrate, tested by an independent laboratory. Stable for 2 years at ambient temperature
  • Time-saving compared to fully home-made products: add 3 volumes of pure water and 1 volume of egg yolk (QSF 1,250 ml)

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