Bovine artificial vagina

Bovine artificial vagina

Ref. 005417

This vagina is designed to ensure the comfort of both the bull and the operator during semen collection.

Ref. 005417

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Semen collection is one of the main steps in artificial insemination. Semen quality is higher when the bull is comfortably positioned in the artificial vagina. This vagina was specially designed in order to imitate the physiological conditions of the animal.

Unbreakable, this artificial vagina comes with water valve and retaining liner neoprene rings.


Rough neoprene liner

Very durable rough neoprene liner for bovine artificial vagina More information

Rough latex liner

Easy to handle rough latex liner for bovine artificial vagina. More information

Smooth latex liner

Easy to handle smooth latex liner for bovine artificial vagina. More information

Silicone cone for bovine vagina

Silicone cone to connect on the artificial vagina. More information

Protective felt cover for bovine vagina

Removable protection to prevent ejaculate thermal shock during collection. More information

Reusable collection tube 15 ml

15 mL graduated Pyrex tube to collect the semen and transport it to the laboratory. More information

Silicone stopper for 15 mL collection tube

Sterilizable stopper used to cap the Pyrex collection tube (005351). More information

Protective felt cover for collection tube

Cover designed to keep the collection tube warm to prevent cold shocks. More information

Disposable collection tube 15 ml

15 mL disposable conical tube with cap. More information

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