Partnership. For life.

At IMV Technologies, we are one team with one vision: We exist for life. As leading drivers of progress, we promote an environment of innovation for every individual directly or indirectly involved in this never-ending pursuit.

With every one of our partners, we create a strong and long-lasting relationship that benefits us all. From the human embryologists helping families grow, to the farmers helping us feed the world, we value each connection.

Life is a complex thing. Only by working together in true partnership can we thrive.

One team One vision.

At IMV Technologies, we believe that our most valuable asset is our team.

Organized into six manufacturing facilities and satellites in five continents, we represent over 20 nationalities.

At IMV Technologies, our diversity – of ideas and people – unites us and makes us who we are.

The power Of training.

We combine products with expertise to help our partners succeed.

Thousands of industry leaders interact directly with IMV Technologies’ dedicated training teams all over the world.

Our training in the areas of andrology, assisted reproduction and diagnostic imaging in different species are sought by customers, as well as suppliers, governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, researchers and others.

Supporting the Stewards of life.

We understand that life cannot move forward if our partners’ equipment is not functioning.

At the core of our business lies service and after-sales equipment support.

Our global team of engineers and technicians offers unrivaled service, training and support, seven days a week.

Stronger Together.

Our unique position affords us the opportunity to link industries together.

We connect researchers to farmers, vendors to customers, veterinarians to geneticists, and others.

We believe that by promoting partnerships between leaders, we are building stronger industries that benefit us all.

Our distributor network spans more than 120 countries, with some distributors partnering with us for almost five decades.

We build each one of our relationships on the foundation of honesty, respect and lawfulness.

By treating everyone like a true partner, we all become more successful together.