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AlphaVision - A new eye on AI!

AlphaVision - A new eye on AI!

Video-assisted insemination system

AlphaVision is an insemination gun fitted with a camera that facilitates the work of technicians, farmers and vets performing inseminations.

Its ease of use combined with the association of action and vision allows novices to rapidly learn the insemination process.

During the cow's pre-insemination period, use Alphavision to check the involution of the cervix in order to minimize straw waste and check for the presence of cervical mucus and verify its quality if the estrus stage is not clearly determined.

During the insemination, you avoid any direct contact between the gun and the vaginal wall thanks to Alphavision. Inseminating difficult cows is made much easier through optimized use and the increased well-being of the cow.

Alphavision can save photos during the insemination. This enables vets to conduct remote diagnoses.

Alphavision comes with a cell phone and an application which allows you to manage your AI history, to view the cervix of the cow in real time and take photos.

Ref : 026757

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