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AlphaVision - A new vision for bovine reproduction!

AlphaVision - A new vision for bovine reproduction!

Video-assisted system for reproduction management and insemination

Safe and easy insemination

AlphaVision is an insemination gun equipped with a camera, which allows you to easily visualize the entry of the cervix and avoid any direct contact between the insemination sheath and the vaginal wall. You therefore perform inseminations very easily and safely.


Diagnosis and reproduction management

Thanks to its endoscopic camera, AlphaVision allows to perform cervical diagnoses: lesions, pus, metritis, uterine involutions, etc.

During the cow's pre-insemination period, if the estrus stage is not clearly determined, use Alphavision to check the involution of the cervix, as well as for the presence of cervical mucus and its quality, in order to minimize straw waste.

Alphavision can take photos during the insemination which you can save and share with your reproduction advisors, allowing you to make rapid decisions and improve the management of your herd.


Comfort of use and animal well-being

The length of rectal palpation during insemination is reduced thanks to AlphaµVision, this improves your comfort and the well-being of your cows. 

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