The Future of Continuous Professional Development


At IMV Technologies, a persistent priority has been fostering continuous professional development (CPD). This goal was tested, however, once it became clear that we needed to re-evaluate the method of connecting participants. Fortunately, the IMV global training department rose to the challenge, with the help of other departments, and developed a robust online learning environment. 

During these peculiar times, IMV Technologies has been coordinating webinars several times per week, with several sessions of each to accommodate differences in time zones. On average, each webinar has an attendance between 25-40 people, with attendees joining from all over the globe. We were happy to see smiles from our colleagues from all over the world, including: China, India, Thailand, Russia, EU, UK, South Africa, USA, Brazil, and Chile.

We would be remiss, if we did not also extend a very special thanks to key opinion leaders. Without their generosity in sharing their time and energy, our CPD project would not have reached its level of success.  

As we look to the future, we are excited to begin the second phase of project CPD. As our colleagues enter the field again, we will match their enthusiasm with more closely targeted webinars and tailored content.