TRIXcell Ultra

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TRIXcell Ultra

Ref. 028387 028388 028389 028390

Extra-protective swine semen extender for the long-term preservation of fresh boar semen; contains a broad-spectrum, triple-antibiotic combination.  Technology specifically developed to enhance modern semen production laboratory practices.

Ref. 028387 028388 028389 028390

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TRIXcell Ultra is the most efficient media for the progressive semen production laboratory. TRIXcell Ultra is the only media formulated to enhance:

  • Semen doses produced using a time-saving "two-step" dilution method; 
  • Doses of variable sperm concentration and/or volume; and,
  • Doses exposed to potentially variable temperatures before use.  

TRIXcell Ultra does it all!

TRIXcell Ultra is the result of years of experience producing high quality media, and the work of the best research and development team in the industry. With a formula focused on protecting the integrity and functionality of the sperm membrane, TRIXcell Ultra is the only choice for laboratories aiming to deliver the best quality product to their customers.

028387 TRIXcell Ultra QSF 1L (x 100)

028388 TRIXcell Ultra QSF 5L (x 40)

028389 TRIXcell Ultra QSF 50L (x 4)

028390 TRIXcell Ultra QSF 100L (x 30)


Sterile water

Produced by the same Type I system we use, this water is ideal for extender preparation More information