PRIMXcell Ultra

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PRIMXcell Ultra

Ref. 028242-028243-028244-028245

New media designed to optimize swine spermatozoa performance.

Ref. 028242-028243-028244-028245

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PRIMXcell Ultra, with a new optimized formulation, offers remarkable efficiency in energy production.

Tests show excellent results in the protection of the spermatozoa’s various functions: motility, viability, and the integrity of sperm organelles including the mitochondria and the acrosome. A major advancement over the previous formulation...

PRIMXcell Ultra now features Bioactivator Ultra, an additive developed by IMV for premium media. Bioactivator Ultra is a biological compound that amplifies the biosynthesis of platelet-activating factors (PAFs). PAFs stimulate the motility of spermatozoa, promote ovum penetration, and ultimately improve fertility.

The new PRIMXcell Ultra formula is anhydrous, meaning that it no longer contains any water molecules. It has the best stability, which optimizes the powder’s storage. The particle size of the various components has been studied in depth to make it easier for the powder to dissolve when preparing the media. 

Finally, the new packaging is a bag made from a new generation of film that offers excellent protection against ambient humidity. 

For boar semen preservation at 17°C.

028242 - PRIMXcell Ultra 1L (sold by 100)
028243 - PRIMXcell Ultra 5L (sold by 40)
028244 - PRIMXcell Ultra 50L (sold by 4)
028245 - PRIMXcell Ultra 100L (sold by 30)


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