Poultry media

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Poultry media

Ref. 002263-002262-020070-025880-017059-002268-025018

Ready-to-use media for fresh poultry semen. Made for the dilution and the preservation of semen.  Available with or without antibiotics. 

Ref. 002263-002262-020070-025880-017059-002268-025018

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IMV Technologies manufactures different formulations of poultry media, adapted to turkey, chickens, guinea fowl and ducks.  Available in different presentations, with or without antibiotics, depending on the formula and market. 

002263 - Guinea fowl media, antibiotic-free, in 1 mL ampoules

002262 - Turkey media, antibiotic-free, in 2.5 mL ampoules

020070 - Turkey media, antibiotic-free, in  4 mL ampoules

025880 - Extendyl, antibiotic-free turkey media, in 5 mL

017059 -Extendyl, antibiotic-free turkey media, in 25 mL bottle

002268 - Canadyl, duck semen extender, contains antibiotics, in 25 mL bottle

025018- NeXcell, turkey media in 50 mL bottle


Turkey semen tubes, 10 cm

Rigid polystyrene plastic tube, for use with pneumatic or electric fillers. More information

Blue turkey straw, 70 mm

Straws rounded at both ends, for turkey hen insemination. More information

Semi automatic filling machine MRA

Semi-automatic machine for filling poultry artificial insemination straws More information


An advanced formulation of poultry extender media. More information