NUTRIXcell Ultra

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NUTRIXcell Ultra

Ref. 028030 / 028029 / 028027 / 028028

NUTRIXcell Ultra provides spermatozoa with the nutrients and elements needed for membrane integrity and metabolism, and it protects them from thermal shock, pH variations, bacterial growth, oxidation, and more.

Ref. 028030 / 028029 / 028027 / 028028

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NUTRIXcell Ultra: inhibits bacterial growth

Bacterial contamination reduces the motility and viability of spermatozoa, causes premature acrosome reactions, and promotes the development of resistance. NUTRIXcell Ultra contains an antibiotic complex that limits bacterial growth. Due to ethics and in accordance with European recommendations, IMV does not use next-generation antibiotics.

NUTRIXcell Ultra: protects semen from agglutination

Agglutination is a multifactorial reaction that may or may not be reversible. IMV engineers have optimized NUTRIXcell Ultra to restrict the formation of agglutinates.

Bioactivator Ultra: a powerful molecule

Bioactivator is a biological compound that amplifies the biosynthesis of platelet-activating factors (PAFs). PAFs stimulate the motility of spermatozoa, promote ovum penetration, and ultimately improve fertility.

NUTRIXcell Ultra: protects spermatozoa during thermal stress

Regardless of precautions taken during transfer, semen is never safe from thermal shock that may cause damage to spermatozoa. NUTRIXcell Ultra protects spermatozoa from stress and maintains the quality of the semen even after thermal stress.

White powder, contains a combination of antibiotics. Does not contain products of animal origin.

028030 NUTRIXcell Ultra 1 L (per 100)
028029 NUTRIXcell Ultra 5 L (per 40)
028027 NUTRIXcell Ultra 50 L (per 4)
028028 NUTRIXcell Ultra 100 L (per 30)


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