MRS1 Dual v2

photo MRS1 Dual v2

MRS1 Dual v2

Ref. 022990-022989

The 1x1 straw filling and sealing machine made for small or mobile laboratories and customized productions

Ref. 022990-022989

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MRS1 dual V2 is an improved version of our first ever straw filling and sealing machine. 

It has the same structural quality, but it is more reliable and operates even more efficiently. 

40 years in service!

  • Easy change from mini to medium straws
  •  Freezing ramp loading solution
  •  Possibility to pre-set the number of straws to fill on the rack
  •  Rate: 3,600 straws/hour
  •  Works both at +4°C or at room temperature

Standard equipment provides filling & sealing capability of both mini and medium straws

Quiet operation due to an electronically controlled stepper motor (No ratchets / No saw blade)

Push-button reverse returns carriage automatically to the start position

Automatic stop at the end of the carriage cycle 

Adjustable mechanical stop allows user to preset the number of filled and sealed straws

Redesigned straw carrier with markings every 10 grooves for easy straw count

Easy access for sealing station anvil adjustments

Ref. :

022990 115 V

022989 230 V

Includes suction pump (007006) and pump connection tube (007825)


Suction pump and filter

Vacuum pump to fill semen into straws More information

MRS pump connection tube

More information

Straws carrier for MRS1 V2

Carriage for straws More information

Joint white rubber

More information

Mini disposable filling nozzle for ISevo, IS4 and MRS4

1-way disposable filling nozzle for filling mini straws More information

Mini long filling nozzle for mini straws, compatible with MRS1 dual, MRS4, and IS4

More information

Medium long filling and suction nozzle compatible with ISevo, MRS1 and IS4

More information

Mini short filling nozzle, compatible with ISevo, MRS1 dual, MRS4, and IS4

More information

Medium short filling and suction nozzle for ISevo, MRS1 dual, MRS4, and IS4

More information

Flexible tube for semen filling

Flexible tube used to transfer semen from the semen container to the straws. More information

Semen container cone

Used with all IMV machines. Contains up to 110 mL (+/- 500 straws) - Optimum for auto s More information

Tightness plug

More information

Mini pipette for semen sampling

More information

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