Missouri vagina

photo Missouri vagina

Missouri vagina

Ref. 025599

Soft leather artificial vagina for collecting stallion semen.

Ref. 025599

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Includes 2 vials to collect semen, a double-wall liner, and a synthetic protection for the vagina.


Collection vial with cap for Missouri vagina

Attaches to the Missouri vagina to collect the stallion's semen. More information

Synthetic leather protective sleeve for the Missouri vagina

Protects the semen vial from shocks and light. More information

Protective cover for the Missouri vagina

Keeps the semen vial warm. More information

Double-wall liner for Missouri vagina

Used with the Missouri vagina to collect semen. More information


Veterinary grade lubricant for all acts of semen and embryo collection, insemination, e More information

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Semen filter for vagina

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Filters Ø 240 mm

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