Manual counting machine

Manual counting machine

Ref. 007098-007095

The MCM is a manual counting machine designed to package and count frozen straws in visotubes.

This equipment is specially designed to divide small batches of straws in visotubes.

Ref. 007098-007095
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The MCM is specially designed to distribute small batches of straws in visotubes.

It mechanizes the packaging of straws into visotubes in order to:

- ensure accurate counting

- save time

- reduce the risk of straw breakage during their packaging in visotubes

- improve the operator's safety and comfort.

No maintenance or electrical connection needed.

MCM 007098 - For visotubes diameter 10 mm: 10 mini straws or 5 medium straws

MCM 007095 - For visotubes diameter 13 mm: 25 mini straws or 10 medium straws


Counting slide for MCM

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